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Human Monoclonal Antibodies

To face the new challenges of biomedical research, ABC Scientific, in collaboration with world leader antibody manufacturer, offers a premium service for customized development of human monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic.
Our service provider operates several proprietary processes for generating genetically stable cell lines with high-level secretory antibodies:

  • Selection and custom Activation of of PBMC subpopulation (~ 20 strategies)
  • Immortalization by EBV optimized transformation (~ 100% efficiency) and / or fusion with a hetero myeloma
  • Screening and cloning, high sensitivity / selectivity (false positive and false negative reduced)

In addition, the knowledge of ABC Scientific and its partners enables us to provide best customer support during the different phases of the project:

  • Exploratory discussions and preparation, definition of specifications
  • Literature review, evaluation and validation of the strategy
  • Research, evaluation and selection / Best of sero-converted
  • Support / help with the drafting of regulatory documents (PPC, etc.).
  • Taking samples, validation of serological status (HIV, HCV) and transfer of biological material


Monoclonal antibodies already successfully obtained :

  • Anti-CMV
  • Anti-HIV
  • Anti-HCV
  • Anti-HBV
  • Anti-HSV
  • Anti-tetanus toxin
  • Anti-Rhesus D
  • Etc..

For more information on our human monoclonal custom services, please contact us.

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