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Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit - eMyco PLUS - 48 assays

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit - eMyco PLUS - 48 assays
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Manufacturer: iNtRON
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  • Premix Type
  • This e-Myco plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit contains all the components for the PCR reaction. You just add a template and DW.
  • Wide Range of Detectable Mycoplasmas
  • You can detect not only five common cell culture-infecting species of mycoplasma but also other various species of Mycoplasma over 8 genus 209 species (See Technical Guide).
  • Internal Control
  • Internal control embedded in the product prevents misjudgment that possibly arises from an erroneous PCR test.
  • Sample Control
  • You can verify easily the effectiveness of template gDNA by checking the amplification from sample control.
  • Species Determination
  • You can determine the species of Mycoplasma by sequencing the amplified PCR products.
  • Elimination of Cross-Contamination
  • 8-MOP prevents cross-contamination by PCR products.

e-Myco plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit greatly simplify testing and detection of Mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. With PCR testing, reliable results are obtained within a few hours, since the presence of contaminant Mycoplasmas can be easily and sensitively detected by simply verifying the bands of amplified DNA fragments after gel electrophoresis. The e-Myco plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection has been shown to be a highly sensitive, specific and rapid method for the detection of Mycoplasmas contamination in cell cultures.

An internal control of this product was constructed to identify false negative results in each reaction. The internal control was designed in such a way that the primers set was used to amplify the internal control and target DNA, which were differentiated by size. Furthermore, the sample control was provided with this kit for using in verifying the effectiveness of template DNA. So, You may easily check your sample preparation. In addition, the use of 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) was adopted in this kit. 8-MOP is known to intercalate into double-stranded nucleic acids and form a covalent inter-strand crosslink after photo-activation by incident light at wavelength 320-400 nm, so it is helpful to prevent cross-contamination by PCR products from earlier experiments 

Kit Content

e-Myco™ Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

  • DNA Polymerase (2.5U/20ul rxn)
  • Chemical Stabilizer (1x)
  • Loading Buffer (1x)
  • dNTPs (250mM each)
  • Tris-HCl (pH 8.3) (10mM)
  • KCl (50mM)
  • MgCl2 (1.5mM)
  • Mycoplasma Primers Set
  • Internal Control
  • 8-MOP (dissolved in DMSO)

48 Tubes






Control DNA
  • genomic DNA from M. fermentans-infected K562

30ul (20ng/ul)

DNase/RNase-free Distilled Water



The kit is used for the detection of Mycoplasma species that are most commonly encountered in cell culture, including M. arginini, M. fermentans, M. hyorhinis, M.
orale, and Acholeplasma laidlawii. Furthermore, a most kinds of mycoplasmas can be detected easily (See Technical Guide).



Store at -20C.

The e-Myco Mycoplasma Detection PCR Kit is a novel vacuum - dried premix type.

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