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Selecting Right Membrane Filter:

  • Clearly define your application requirements
  • Choose a compatible membrane
  • Select the most effective and efficient pore size

Selecting Membranes for Your Applications:

  • Determine the particle size to be retained or filtered. Membrane will retain all particles equal to and larger than their designated pore size.
  • Assess the chemical compatibility of the membrane filter with the liquid or gas to be filtered.
  • Consider the chemical resistance properties of all parts that will contact the filter.
  • Consider hydrophilic or hydrophobic membrane; temperature, flow rate, throughput, and sterilization needs.

For Non-Filtration:

  • Assess the interaction (e.g., adsorption or binding) of reagents to be used on the membrane with surface chemistry of the membrane.
  • Determine the chemical compatibility (e.g., background intensity) of the membrane with reagents to be used.
  • Consider hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, strength, and pore size of the membrane for processability.
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Syringe Filters
Vacuum Filtration Systems
Vacuum Filtration Systems