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Overhead Stirrers

Scilogex offers two similar digital overhead stirrers, with a stirring capacity of 20 L and 40 L, respectively, and a rotating speed ranging from 50 to 2200 rpm.

Both instruments incorporate an accurate microprocessor-controlled stirring-speed function which guarantees speed precision. The microprocessor also ensures that the speed of both instruments builds up slowly to prevent any potential sample spillage. The overhead digital stirrers both provide a clear LCD display and control which allows the user to set the required torque and speed and then monitor the true values in real-time. Connection to a PC allows all stirring parameters to be controlled and documented for subsequent analysis, as required. The preferred and most appropriate type of stirring blade can be selected from our list of accessories, including cross stirrer, straight stirrer, paddle stirrer, and centrifugal stirrer. Scilogex stirrers are supported by a universal stand and clamp.

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OS20-Pro Digital Overhead Stirrer OS20-Pro Digital Overhead Stirrer 84010301 $899.00 $689.00  
OS20-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer OS20-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer 84010201 $550.00 $419.00  
OS40-Pro Digital Overhead Stirrer OS40-Pro Digital Overhead Stirrer 84020301 $1,095.00 $808.00  
OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer 84020201 $915.00 $699.00