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Bioreactor Flasks

syringe filters CELLine Flasks are ideal for monoclonal antibodies and expressed recombinant cellular protein production. Viable in vitro alternative to using mouse ascites, standard cell culture or tissue culture products. Bioreactors utilize innovative membrane technology to separate the cell cultivation area from the media chamber. Cells and cellular-secreted products with a MWCO over 10kD are retained between two non-cytotoxic membranes. The upper semi-permeable membrane allows continuous nutrient diffusion and waste elimination. The lower membrane provides direct oxygenation and ensures optimum gas exchange. Separate ports give access to either media or cell cultivation chamber allowing easy change of expended medium without interference of cell growth, function, or gas exchange.

All bioreactors feature polystyrene housing, molded silicone gas transfer bottom, a 10,000 MWCO regenerated cellulose semi-permeable membrane, and a 0.2µm bottom vent membrane barrier located in the cell innoculum port. Bioreactors are stackable to save space in an incubator. Gamma irradiation sterilized, and pressure tested. Can be reused with same cell type under aseptic conditions.
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CELLine Bioreactor Flasks - CL1000, 3/CS CELLine Bioreactor Flasks - CL1000, 3/CS 90005 $621.60 $610.00  
CELLine Bioreactor Flasks - CL350, 5/CS CELLine Bioreactor Flasks - CL350, 5/CS 90015 $850.09 $845.00  
CELLine Adhere, 3/CS CELLine Adhere, 3/CS 90025 $725.26