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Dispensette III

BRAND's Dispensette III bottletop dispensers are the third generation of a precision liquid dispensing instrument sold worldwide for over 30 years. The Dispensette III adds exciting new capabilities to the same standards of safety and reliability that made its predecessor, the Dispensette II, the world's favorite bottletop dispenser.

Proven, Accurate, and Durable

The Dispensette III, as in previous Dispensette models, uses a floating piston design with no seals to wear or replace, minimizing service downtime.

Repeatedly Autoclavable

A customer testimonial on the long-term reliability of her Dispensette in an application that requires autoclaving.



Make Calibration Adjustments in Seconds

The Dispensette III Digital Easy Calibration™ model can have calibration adjustments made seconds without tools or retesting, cutting calibration time by at least half. Analog and fixed volume models also provide for calibration adjustments. All models feature a calibration flag to alert the user of changes from factory calibration. 

Enhanced Safety Features

The Dispensette III also features a new integrated safety discharge system that reduces the risk of inadvertent dispensing if discharge tube is improperly installed or missing.

Digital Dispensette
Digital Dispensette
Analog Dispensette
Analog Dispensette