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L-Malic Acid assay - for Automatic Analyzer

L-Malic Acid assay - for Automatic Analyzer
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Catalo No: BIOS-0070
Manufacturer: BioSentec
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L-Malic Assay - Liquid Ready Format


A rapid, simple, reliable and accurate method for the specific measurement of L-malic acid in wine, beverages, foodstuffs and other materials. Supplied as a “ready to use” liquid stable formulation that is suitable for autoanalyser.

As a component of the citric acid cycle, L-malic acid (L-malate) is found in all living organisms. The quantitative determination of L-malic acid is especially important in the manufacture of wine, beer, bread, fruit and vegetable products, as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It is one of the most important fruit acids, and has the highest concentration of all acids in wine. In the wine industry, the level of L-malic acid is monitored, along with L-lactic acid, during malolactic fermentation.

Kit Components:

  • Reagent A: 1 × 80 mL – Buffer pH10
  • Reagent B: 1 × 20 mL – NAD
  • Reagent C: 1 × 20 mL – Enzymes
  • Manual

Kit sufficient for 400-700 assays (depending on the automation system used)

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